Monday, October 15, 2012

Friday Night Dinners

First thing to know about me, I love food. I more than love food. I love discovering new restaurants, trying new dishes, and just the excitement of heading out to a new place. However, actually cooking/making a meal is a different story. I spend hours pouring over recipes, only to shut the computer and just head to Chick-fil-a , McDonalds, okay I run to Burger King for an ICEE. But, all hope is not lost. Since moving to Atlanta I've finally started putting some of my hours of food blog loving into practice, and with that comes this first post. But please, don't get the impression that this is a cooking blog, hah if you only knew. 

Thank you Food52 for your inspiration and to my favorite photographer! #food52 #cheeseplease 

 On the menu: 

Setting: Mi casa!! We have a great porch and the Georgia Fall weather was too good to pass up. And who can resist outdoor lanterns? Psh, I know I can't. 

Sinceriously yours, 

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